Bike & Trike Games

Weenie Bite - Rider plus passenger
Rider plus passenger leaves the starting line on the motorcycle, the passenger attempts to take a bite out of a Hot Dog Weiner suspended on a string. The operator of the motorcycle must drive slow enough without putting feet down to allow passenger to make the bite. Whoever takes the biggest bite wins!!

Ball Grab Rules - Rider plus passenger
In the slalom event, rider plus passenger compete against other rides who must navigate a series of hazard cones. Each cone comes equipped with a tennis ball on the top that the passenger must pick up as they pass. On the return trip, the passenger must replace each tennis ball back on the cone. Fastest all balls / cones wins!

Slow Ride - Solo Rider
Participants line up at the beginning of designated lanes, only one run per person. Start as soon as signaled. Keep your feet up….if your foot touches the ground, stop exactly where you are. Stay in your lane….If your wheel touches the line, stop exactly where you are! You must keep moving forward. No stopping and balancing. The last rider to cross the finish line (rear Tire) wins. Winners of each heat will run additional hears to determine first place.

Road Kill - Trikes Only (Solo Rider)
Take 8 stuffed animals in various sizes, stagger them out from side to side at least a feet between them. You give the rider of the trike a long handled net and they have to scoop up the animals one by one and hold on to them as they roll by. Sad thing is you actually run over the road kill again and again….lol! Quickest time and most animals picked up wins this event!

Blind Slalom - Trikes Only
A timed event, driver is blindfolded, passenger must direct the driver through a series of cones, and return to the start line in the fastest time. Best time wins!

Tire Toss - 2 classes Mens & Womens divisions
Womens (lighter front motorcycle tire) Stand on the line and see how far you can throw the tire.
Mens (heavier front motorcycle tire) Stand on the line and see how far you can throw the tire. Event will be marked starting at 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet and so on! Farthest tire wins!!

Burn Out Pit - Is one of the main attractions! Its exciting, people get to hear the bikes roar and riders will sometimes burn their tires off. Bikes roll onto the concrete pad where the front tire is placed in a wheel chock and the rear tire sits on the concrete. Winners are selected by crowd applause! Riders burn their back tires creating smoke and sometimes the tires even pop! Located back straight of way on the half mile

Self Guided Rides with maps

*Bibo Bar & Grill - 55 miles from event- 110 miles round trip
*Sandia Crest - 55miles from event- 110 miles round trip
*Madrid - 60 miles from event- 120 miles round trip
*High Road to Taos & Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (All Day)
*Jemez - 61 miles from event- 122 miles round trip

Just for Fun Activities

Volleyball Courts- 3
Corn Hole- 6
Horseshoe Pits- 4
Located inside turns 1 & 2 of the half mile
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